Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Distinctives of the BAPTIST LEGAL UPDATE

Welcome back to Lighthouse Legal Ministries' weekly blog, the BAPTIST LEGAL UPDATE! The blog's purpose is stated in our masthead: "a Baptist perspective on current legal news."

In this second blog, we want to focus on the distinctives of the BAPTIST LEGAL UPDATE. Of the myriads of blogs and regular news sources which flood the media, why would you click on www.baptistlaw.blogspot.com to receive a weekly Baptist Legal Update?

1. Oriented Exclusively to Independent Baptist Churches

LLM, a ministry of Lighthouse Baptist Church, Ashtabula, OH, Pastor John Jones, is distinctively Independent Baptist.
• LLM provides free legal services exclusively to likeminded independent, fundamental, Baptist churches.
• LLM is supported exclusively by likeminded independent, fundamental, Baptist churches.
• LLM is accountable only to such faithfully supporting churches.

Other legal ministries may provide legal assistance to Independent Baptist churches, and more power to them. But other legal ministries are also supported by Charismatic, Protestant, and Roman Catholic churches, for whom they also provide legal services. Those other legal ministries cannot afford to express exclusively Independent Baptist viewpoints.

2. Written Exclusively by an Experienced Independent Baptist Attorney

The weekly Baptist Legal Update is written by LLM Attorney Terry Lee Hamilton, a faithful family man and active member of Lighthouse Baptist Church, where he is a Sunday School teacher, Junior Church director, trustee, and soulwinner. LLM Attorney Hamilton has been practicing law for nearly thirty years.
• Seven years as a trial attorney with the U.S. Government in Washington, DC.
• Eleven years with a private law firm in cases involving separation of church and state.
• For the last eleven years, he has worked exclusively at Lighthouse Legal Ministries, providing legal assistance exclusively to Independent Baptist churches.

3. A Conservative or Fundamental Viewpoint Is Not Necessarily Equivalent to the Viewpoint of an Independent Baptist

LLM Attorney Hamilton, who is both conservative and fundamental, is grateful for all of the conservative and/or fundamental voices in the media today. But a conservative and fundamental viewpoint is not necessarily equivalent to an Independent Baptist perspective. For example:
• Social Conservatives. Both Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity are good conservative commentators; but do you think that the cigar-smoking, profane Mr. Limbaugh or the rock solid Roman Catholic Mr. Hannity has a Bible-based, Independent Baptist viewpoint on all of the current legal news?
• Religious Conservatives. The media is filled with conservative Christian commentators such as James Dobson, Charles Colson, and D. James Kennedy; but do you think that such Protestant leaders have an Independent Baptist viewpoint?

The purpose of the Baptist Legal Update is not to stir up strife with either social or religious conservatives, but rather to stir up Baptists and the world to understand and appreciate the importance of the Biblical and Baptist doctrine of separation of church and state, the foundation upon which religious liberty rests both in America and around the world.

Thank you for reading this second blog at www.baptistlaw.blogspot.com. Your comments would be greatly appreciated. God bless you!



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